Mixed Media, 3D

Paula is a mixed media artist & teacher. Her recent work is a collection of pieces that have evolved from her passion and concern for the earth, mixed with her love of assemblage and working with found and up-cycled materials.

Active in the Santa Clarita community, Paula has been involved in a variety of events and Art in Public Spaces exhibits.

She enjoys teaching classes and workshops to build enthusiasm about environmentally conscious art.

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Drawing & Painting

As an art instructor, I am deeply in love with children's art and creating art with them.


Children possess so much spontaneity, expressiveness, and honesty in their arts. I believe every child has an artist inside them, and my goal is to help them find their artistic voice, trust their ideas and explore possibilities.



Amp Up Your Art

I spent many years creating welded metal art. If you bike or walk the South Fork trail here in Santa Clarita, you may have seen my work.


Now, I'm focusing on sketching using pencil, watercolor and ink.


Drawing teaches me to see the world in greater detail. It's a skill that really helps me to be a better teacher, and that's important because teaching is my first love beyond my family, of course.

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Watercolor, 3D

Sheri lives in Valencia with her husband and daughter. Sheri has been very involved in the community, volunteering with Newhall School District, MOMs club, Metropolitan Educational Theatre Network, Santa Clarita Senior Center and most recently ARTree.


She is a member of the Santa Clarita Artist's Association and loves working in watercolor.


Sheri believes that art should be a part of everyone's life and hopes to bring more creative opportunities to the community.

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Drawing & Painting

Michael is an artist and musician. He co-owned an art studio in Saugus, CA. where he taught an after school art program.

He joined the ARTree because of how the other instructors seem to enjoy teaching the kids from the community.


Michael has been a resident of Santa Clarita for over 29 years, is married and has six grown children and three grandchildren.



Drawing & Painting

Karen has been an instructor with ARTree since 2016.


She really likes to see students creating art that they never could have imagined creating, by playing with techniques that use special technical tricks and formulas to create unexpected results.


Creatively, she works in watercolor, collage, and pen and ink.



Mixed Media & Fiber Arts

Chrystal was born in Afton, Wyoming - a small rural town with plenty of space to roam - allowing her imagination to take hold. She studied at Weber Statue University in Ogden, Utah, and The College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA (where she found printmaking). 

Chrystal enjoys teaching art both privately and publicly. She teaches at ARTree, and runs her own summer workshops for young artists called, "Creating with Chrystal."

Currently she has been curating and co-running the Santa Clarita Artists Association Gallery.



Clay & Drawing

I love teaching art and have been doing so for the majority of my life. I taught elementary school art with the Newhall

School District for 17 years. In addition I taught a Junior High School Metal Arts summer program for more than 10 years.


Currently, I teach watercolor to adults, as well as clay sculpture techniques to ARTree students.


I feel that ARTree is providing a tremendous opportunity for our community in view of the reduction in art education in public schools. I am very happy to be affiliated with this organization.


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Drawing & Painting

Jennifer is an artist with a MA in art education from the Academy of Art University. She enjoys teaching children and adults, while helping them see things from a creative perspective. She also adores gardening, the theater, traveling and anything creative.


"My goal as a teacher is to help students develop their artistic skills which they can build upon."

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Pastels & Painting

I get a thrill rendering on canvas the sights I see in my travels around the world. I'm intrigued by historical architecture and most of my work contains part of a house, castle, cottage, cabin, barn or other structure. Many of my paintings have windows or doors, arches and pathways. These mean to me: adventure, surprise and levels of spirituality.


I work in all mediums. 

Art: www.lauriemorgan.biz

imdb page: http://www.imdb.me/lauriemorgan



Collage & Printmaking

Kay has been an instructor with ARTree since 2013.

She believes that everyone can get into their own creative "zone" and be active, free thinkers and makers. She especially loves to see students on their feet, moving to make art, making it a multi-sensory experience and outlet.

Creatively, she works in collage, printmaking, photography and jewelry-making. Her jewelry designs can be seen here.

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Art Journaling

María Fenelon is a bilingual (Spanish/English) Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner and owner of inantu Expressive Arts. Maria sees art-expression as a powerful tool in the journey of emotional healing and well-being.


Through simple relaxation techniques and various art-forms including drumming, visual art, and movement, she assists her clients in releasing stress and connecting with themselves.


She looks forward to continuing holding hands with people from different walks of life, and cultural backgrounds through her expressive arts workshops.



Portfolio Development

Alex's goal is to be a director in the animation industry. Among past efforts, he has worked as an artistic collaborator, a graphic design director and a co-director of an inner city youth program. Each of his jobs reinforced the fact that creativity depends on community to thrive, and that a healthy community requires creativity. For this reason, while he pursues his MFA in animation, he is also intentional in aiding the artistic journey of others.

You'll likely find Alex reading a book in his free time, watching cartoons, or collaborating with friends. He might be persuaded to take a break though if you neeed a portfolio critique- he's got a knack for constructive feedback.

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Jose has been a resident of Santa Clarita for 38 years. He is a member of the Santa Clarita Artists Association.

He is best known for his seascapes which are painted with pastels, acrylics and oils.

Jose has a passion for teaching. He loves to share his techniques with students of all ages.

He has a wife, 2 daughters, and 2 grandchildren.