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Steven Brentnall

Art in the Margins

As an Interdisciplinary Artist, my concentrations lie in the areas of illustration, photography, and art education. I've used these, as well as my experience in music, to create my personal work.

As an instructor, my goal is to emphasize imagination, as well as a looseness in approach, desire for experimentation, and a love for the process of making. Mixed Media and Conceptual Art guides students through the abstract, to complete something they can be proud of, regardless of skill or background.

Dominique Deveraux.png


Art Off the Page: Mixed Media

Ms. Raux has worked as a Sneaker Customizer for almost 10 years at SoCal high schools and art museums.

In her time off, she enjoys hiking the trails in Valencia with her dog, MoMo!

She is an advocate for Mental Health, who believes a healthy body begins with a healthy mind through creative self-expression. She shares this theory with students, because she believes the young mind is where creativity thrives.

Jose Barba new.jpg

José Barba

Acrylic Painting

Creating Your World: Realism

Jose has been a resident of Santa Clarita for 38 years. He is a member of the Santa Clarita Artists Association.

He is best known for his seascapes which are painted with pastels, acrylics and oils.

Jose has a passion for teaching. He loves to share his techniques with students of all ages. He has a wife, 2 daughters, and 2 grandchildren.


Chrystal Walker

Watercolor & Acrylic


Chrystal was born in Afton, Wyoming - a small rural town with plenty of space to roam - allowing her imagination to take hold. She studied at Weber Statue University in Utah, and The College of the Canyons.

Chrystal teaches at ARTree, and runs her own summer workshops for young artists called, "Creating with Chrystal."

Pei Fen.jpg

Pei Fen Liao

Drawing and Painting


As an art instructor, I am deeply in love with children's art and creating art with them.

Children possess so much spontaneity, expressiveness, and honesty in their arts. I believe every child has an artist inside them, and my goal is to help them find their artistic voice, trust their ideas and explore possibilities.


Kay Kaminski

Art for All


Kay has been an instructor with ARTree since 2013.

She believes that everyone can get into their own creative "zone" and be active, free thinkers and makers. She especially loves to see students on their feet, moving to make art, making it a multi-sensory experience and outlet.

Creatively, she works in collage, embroidery, printmaking, photography and jewelry-making.

sheri carlson.jpg

Sheri Carlson

Flutterby and Nest


Sheri finds great joy in seeing the impact that art and creativity have on the lives of our community.  She has a background in microbiology and food science, but has always been drawn to learning new ways to incorporate art into her life.

She loves to paint in watercolor in her free time.

ARTree family events are a favorite of hers, watching all ages experience the joys of creating together.

In Memoriam

ARTree mourns the December passing of Michael Powell, teacher and member of our board. Michael started teaching with us in 2013. As an accomplished artist himself, he was able to teach in any medium and was well-known in Amp Up Your Art and in our evening Drawing class.

Michael was always willing to help with our events and was the artist in charge of our Old Town Newhall chalk festival entry in 2018. Michael also led many projects in our Saturday open studio, Flutterby.

In his personal work, he preferred oils and acrylics, doing mainly portraits on canvas. In 2018, he was featured in our ARTree Speaker Series held at the MAIN.


He had a love of music along with the visual arts. An accomplished bass player, Michael played at our ARTree Community Jam sessions, as well as with various other bands.

Michael was fond of saying, “I’ll take the moment” when something good happened, as well as “If you can see it, you can draw it,” encouraging budding artists to persevere.

We’ll miss his optimism, catch phrases, and unwavering commitment to ARTree.

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